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Jenny Ribeiro-de Sá, MSW, LCSW
Holistic Health Coach

Using an integrative and holistic style, I work with my clients to help them explore the social, emotional, biological, nutritional, and intellectual factors that are impeding them.

Located in the Metrowest area of Massachusetts, my primary goal as a therapist and holistic health coach is to build relationships characterized by acceptance and humor. I find that it is empowering for my clients to take an active role in creating our work together. Your experience in counseling will enable you to explore and change self-defeating patterns, to learn sustainable ways to manage symptoms, and to feel more fulfilled in your work, health, and personal life. Learn more about me here.


  • Individual Therapy - Learn coping skills in order to help manage your emotions.  Specializing in children over 8, adolescents and adults.

  • Family Therapy - Working with families in order to achieve positive relationships and changes in family dynamics.

  • Equine Therapy -  Utilizing horses in the therapeutic process in order to facilitate emotional growth and learning.

  • Holistic Health Coaching - Facilitating healthy and sustainable behavioral changes and enabling individuals and families to transform their health and wellness goals into action.

 Therapy &  Holistic Coaching Services 

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