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Resources & Tools for Personal Growth

Understanding Psychotherapy and How it Works

Determine if therapy might be right for you


The Benefits of Mindful Meditation
Learn how meditation leads to peace and well-being


What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

How a horse can facilitate your emotional growth and learning


Diet, ADHD, Autism, and Behavioral Problems

Manage your child's symptoms through improved nutrition


The Trending Field of Health Coaching

What to expect from your health coach


Why You Need A Health Coach 

10 reasons why health coaching might be right for you


Trauma Sensitive Yoga 

Learn to manage your trauma symptoms through bodywork


Family Therapy with a Depressed Adolescent

A demonstration of the efficacy of family therapy


Talk So Your Kids Will Listen

20 tips to improve communication with your kids


Nutrition and Mental Health

A comprehensive look into why some foods are better then others


Food and Your Mood

How nutrition effects your mental health


Diet and Mental Health

Evidence of the role that nutrition plays in mental health

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